Jui Residences Floor Plan

Jui Residences Floor Plan

Upon the final approval from all the relevant authority, the Jui Residences floor plan will be released in the website.

Jui Residences floor planJui Residences city fringe condo offers the positive environment for Improving up a household with its large array of facilities. To begin with, the area boasts a trendy environment friendly for any household to repay. The access to playgrounds for the kids also offers some relaxation to the children staying here. The house has popular colleges nearby which empowers the kids growing here to get education and the Place of the residence that’s in the silent and tranquil corners of Serangoon which makes this place perfect for leading a personal family lifestyle.

Jui Residences Freehold Development

The once idle land has now turned into a residential condominium filled with Luxurious condos and high quality amenities. The condos are distinctively designed with lavish floor chambers. The designing strategies are available in the detail of the architectural design. The unit is spacious, with all the social amenities of this place well positioned to function every resident.

Jui Residences supply its residences with a wide selection of social facilities which range from education to leisure. Surrounding schools such as the St Andrew’s Junior College and the Cedar Girl’s Secondary School are located nearby and it is convenient for family with schooling chiledren. The condominium is situated near major shopping facilities, in addition to many eateries. The Poiz center and Venue stores are only a few of the centres located here that provide an excellent one stop shopping experience for the residents.

Jui Residences in Serangoon

The condominium also provides a wide selection of fun facilities such as the swimming pools at which residents can have fun everywhere, and of course lots of clubhouses where people are able to host parties or create any type of pleasure anytime. You will find indoor fitness centers available here as well as tennis courts to the tennis fans. In Jui Residences condominium, kids have the ability to enjoy themselves in the playgrounds specially created for them. Additionally, there are function rooms in which official meetings could be held so it’s also an perfect home for those from the corporate industry.

Jui Residences Condo

Jui Residences is lavish residential development situated along Serangoon street, located at the prime of District 12 Potong Pasir in Singapore. The condominium has afreehold tenure. This residential property is located on the land that was previously possessed by Aerated Water Company which abandoned the property idle after quitting its operations in the 90’s. Jui Residences city fringe condo can be found in 1177 Serangoon Road by Selangor Dredging Berhad. It’s the former National Aerated Water Company.

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